Other Publications

Technical documents

  • Author/layout: Mothers’ group meeting facilitation manual for FCHVs: Community-based child injury programme (English & Nepali). May 2014
  • Author/layout: Pictorial book: Preventing children from injuries (English & Nepali). June 2014 (used by UNICEF Nepal for parenting education https://www.unicef.org/nepal/ne/media/10676/file/Childhood_injury.pdf)
  • Author/layout: Wall posters on injury risks and prevention (English & Nepali). June 2014
  • Author/layout: Interviewer’s manual for conducting household survey on injuries (Nepali). November 2010

Newsletter essays

  • Epidemiological transition in South Asia: findings of the Global Burden of Diseases and Injuries 2010. ISECN Health Promotion Connection, ISECN Newsletter. April 2014.
  • Reflections on the 21 IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion. ISECN Health Promotion Connection, ISECN Newsletter. September 2013.
  • EMS: a neglected emergency in Nepal. Road Research, newsletter of the Road Traffic Injury Research Network (RTIRN). July - September 2012. http://rtirn.net/newsletters/
  • Enforcing road safety legislations: the need for collective efforts in Nepal. Road Research. April - June 2012 http://rtirn.net/newsletters/
  • Problems of trauma care in rural Nepal. Road Research. July – September 2011 http://rtirn.net/newsletters/
  • Disability resulted by RTIs remains concealed: an example of Nepal. Road Research. Apr - Jun 2011 http://rtirn.net/newsletters/
  • Burns and falls related injuries: Major public health problem in low-and middle-income countries. PCIA Bulletin (Partnership for Clean Indoor Air). 2009 www.pciaonline.org/node/958